Acumen Fringe

No need for FOMO! For this special 10th anniversary convention we will be running 3 Convention Fringe events.

Here’s another chance to see the fantastic Speakers Arenas and Link & Learn talks on 3 exclusive dates.

Tuesday 14th May 2019 - 16.30-18.00

Tom Druitt
The Big Lemon

What is luck and how do we get lucky in business?
Is luck down to chance, or do we make it ourselves? Is it an attitude, a frame of mind, or something more tangible? Are positive people actually luckier or do they just think they are? And how do we make ourselves lucky? read more…

Tom believes that we become lucky when four things come together: attitude, intuition, courage and circumstance. In this light-hearted talk, Tom will share how luck has played a major role in his life, and what he has learned about it along the way.

Nigel Lambe
Bold Decisions

Why the best business leaders are the ones who ask for most help?
In 10 years as an Entrepreneur, CEO Mentor and Non-Executive Director Nigel has frequently noticed that business leaders who exude confidence and industry knowledge are frequently very weak at delivering long term sustainable profits read more…

and the less overtly confident leaders who continually seek external guidance deliver better long term results. Nigel will share thoughts on how and why leaders should always seek external help to reinvent themselves and their business strategy if they want to thrive in an ever changing world.

Chris Boakes

The secrets to a successful business acquisition – From first thoughts to completion and beyond
A valuable synopsis on buying a business leaving you with 10 takeaway tips to help ensure that your business purchase is not de-railed on route to completion.

Alvin Ittoo and James Sheath

Convention Unplugged – A musical guide to monetising your intellectual property
Spend the afternoon jammin’ with the IP lawyers! This musical session (complete with instruments) will not only discuss ways in which you can create intellectual property within your business but also give you practical and legal tips for exploitingread more…

and monetising this often underutilised asset. After riffing with you, we will share some real case studies we handled and give you some ideas for using your intellectual property to create additional revenue streams.

Wednesday 15th May 2019 - 10.30-12.00​

Neil Laughton
Laughton & Co

Business strategy simplified
After a succession of depressing, distressing & dangerous outcomes following the adoption of long, detailed and complicated strategies. Neil found the answer to creating successful business strategies whilst climbing Mt Everest!

Janet Gordon
Bluestarfish Consulting

How can you stay relevant in the next ten years?
What’s the best way to stay relevant, unique and valuable to your clients or organisation in the next ten years? The answer to this might surprise you. It’s not necessarily AI programming or hard skills. According to the latest LinkedIn data read more…

it’s empathy & emotional intelligence that will be centre stage in the business world. Come and hear Janet Gordon talk about the power of the simple question in building your network.

Nicole Humphreys

The Blame Game – You’re an employer. it’s not your fault but who gets the blame?  
There is a principle in law that an employer can be held liable for the actions of its employees, even if the employee in question acts without the knowledge or consent of the employer. Nicole will discuss this potentially explosive read more…

issue, circumstances when the employer might be responsible and highlight what practical steps employers can take to avoid claims.

Joni Jacobs and Ben Rose

Smart data can make you money! – How can you make your data smart and maximise its value in the brave new GDPR world?
As there continues to be confusion after GDPR there are a number of interesting lessons to be learnt that can directly affect your business and which may impact read more…

on how it handles and utilises data. Here we refer to practical, real cases we handled since the GDPR came into force, including how businesses can utilise its data to maximise its marketing potential.

Wednesday 22nd May 2019 - 10.30 - 12.00​

Anthony Prior

In it for the long game
Anthony has spent the last 20 years treading the fine line between creative freedom, commercial reality and personal endurance for the long game. Through music festivals, competitive retail F&B business & ultra endurance sport read more…

Anthony has learnt some perspectives and techniques for survival. Anthony will talk about how work culture he learnt in the creative industries informed the culture he established in Bagelman, how running ultra marathons taught him about the benefits of creating value for all stakeholders and how building your personal values in to your business & products can make selling them a rewarding experience.

Sarah Rudder
Ginger Dog Development

Leaning into the Bends – a journey into mental toughness
Life can be tough. It has ups and downs and some pretty tight bends. Mental toughness enables us to navigate those bends with greater skill and resourcefulness. It’s not about being fearless in the face of challenge and setback but learning to lean in, read more…

to overcome the overwhelm, to be daunted but not defeated. Specialist in mental toughness and Ginger Dog Development founder Sarah Rudder is curious about how we self-sabotage, the stories we tell ourselves and whether it’s true that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. She’ll talk about fear, failure and falling off motorbikes while sharing some techniques for developing your own mental strength.

Sally Mouhim and Paula Lee

Hot Property – How to keep the cool when the heat rises between landlords and tenants
Disputes between Landlords and tenants of commercial property can leave you with a large bill to pay, at best, or you and your colleagues homeless at worst! read more…

See how the most common disputes arise between commercial landlords and tenants, and how to mitigate or avoid them.

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