Link & Learn

Here you will be linking with other delegates via a dedicated networking session as well as learning valuable legal tips to give your business a competitive advantage. Please select ONE Link & Learn session to attend, but not to worry you won’t miss out on the other four fabulous sessions! For this special 10th anniversary convention we will be running 3 Acumen Fringe events (please see Acumen Fringe Page for details).

Smart data can make you money!

How can you make your data smart and maximise its value in the brave new GDPR world?
As there continues to be confusion after GDPR there are a number of interesting lessons to be learnt that can directly affect your business and which may impact on how it handles and utilises data. Here we refer to practical, real cases we handled since the GDPR came into force, including how businesses can utilise its data to maximise its marketing potential.

Convention Unplugged

A musical guide to monetising your intellectual property
Spend the afternoon jammin’ with the IP lawyers! This musical session (complete with instruments) will not only discuss ways in which you can create intellectual property within your business but also give you practical and legal tips for exploiting and monetising this often underutilised asset. After riffing with you, we will share some real case studies we handled and give you some ideas for using your intellectual property to create additional revenue streams.

Hot Property

How to keep the cool when the heat rises between landlords and tenants
Disputes between Landlords and tenants of commercial property can leave you with a large bill to pay, at best, or you and your colleagues homeless at worst! See how the most common disputes arise between commercial landlords and tenants, and how to mitigate or avoid them.

The secrets to a successful business acquisition

From first thoughts to completion and beyond
A valuable synopsis on buying a business leaving you with 10 takeaway tips to help ensure that your business purchase is not de-railed on route to completion.

The Blame Game

You’re an employer. it’s not your fault but who gets the blame?
There is a principle in law that an employer can be held liable for the actions of its employees, even if the employee in question acts without the knowledge or consent of the employer. Nicole will discuss this potentially explosive issue, circumstances when the employer might be responsible and highlight what practical steps employers can take to avoid claims.

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