Meet The Speakers

Tony Bloom
Chairman and Owner of Brighton & Hove Albion FC

Special 10th Anniversary Guest Speaker- the man behind the phenomenal success story of the Albion FC and Amex Stadium.

Simon Woodroffe OBE
Founder, YO! Sushi

“How I got my YO!”
What do you do when you’ve been a roadie, a stage designer, a TV executive, you’re nearing 40, running out of money, are unemployable and have a family to support? You start a conveyor belt sushi bar. That’s what Simon did. Find out what tricks he learned along the way, and how he mastered the business tightrope whilst launching YO! Sushi, YO! Below, YO! to Go, YOTEL, and YO! Home… all with a view to one day eclipsing Virgin and Easy.

Jules White
TEDx Speaker | Author | Dragon Slayer

Live it Love it Sell it
In this talk Jules White reveals stories and busts some myths about sales. Having had 32 years selling for a living and now an International sales coach, Jules will help you to understand that in actual fact we can all sell. Life skills are sales skills – and it’s all about having a human conversation. 

Graham Moore
Founder, Humanutopia

Empowering for Positive Change
Discover the impact of empowering young people to make positive changes in their lives and the world. Graham’s colourful childhood is translated into a powerful story and is relevant to anyone working in dysfunctional communities. As a former teacher he has over 30 years experience of working with over 300,000 young people and 40,000 adults across the world. His inspirational story of his own experiences and continued work shows how to empower even the most hard to reach youths.

Penina Shepherd
Founder, Acumen Business Law

 Get up and get your foot in that door! 
To get ‘a foot in the door’ we need to truly believe there is a door, we need to really want to get through the door and, most importantly, we need to shift our back side and get to that door! In this no nonsense talk Penina will share her passion about ‘doing’ and ‘getting on with it’. She will relate to a fascinating story which should be told more often and will reflect on her own experience too.

Sanderson Jones
Founder, Lifefulness At Work

Our host MC for this special 10th year is the one and only Sanderson Jones. He is an award-winning social entrepreneur, who founded the global Sunday Assembly movement, that has built communities in 45 cities in 6 countries. His new mission is to spread the innovative idea of Lifefulness, which shows how the lessons from Sunday Assembly can be used in business to create dynamic, high performing workplaces rich in meaning and belonging.
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